Medicare Insurance

There are 3 flavors of Medicare Health Insurance 

Original Medicare

( It’s what the government gives you ) Part A and Part B

 Medicare Advantage

(Replaces your Part A and Part B with Part C) and has                                  enhanced and additional benefits.

 Medicare Supplement

Additional with Original Medicare , these policies reduce                              out-of-pocket medical expenses.

If you have Original Medicare by itself has a high deductible for hospital admission, and it only pays 80% of eligible medical costs. Medicare advantage varies where deductibles and premiums might be paid by the plan , one issue remains it will only pay 80% of those medical cost.  A serious illness could set you back many thousands of dollars. A Medicare Supplement policy covers all or most out-of-pocket medical expenses providing you with peace-of-mind and potential savings.  As you can see one size does not fit all , Let me guide you in sorting through the numerous Medicare options. We can also help you in choosing a Medicare prescription plan that includes your specific medications.